Essentials For Surviving Winter in NYC

Winter is coming….

After surviving my first NYC winter, I am feeling a lot more prepared about this upcoming winter than last year. Although it probably isn’t as cold as Boston or Chicago, NYC can get pretty darn cold around this time of the year. Having the right products will make this winter season a lot more bearable. Take a look at some of my suggestions below:

Canada Goose Down Jacket, Bloomingdales $950

The #1 most important winter essential is a big, warm, down parka jacket. I know the price tag can look pretty intimidating, but most New Yorkers will tell you that it’s worth the investment. Canada Goose is the brand you will probably see the most this season and this jacket will not disappoint you.

Sorel Snow Boots, available here for $75

In NYC, it is absolutely imperative to own a pair of snow boots with good traction on the soles. Ugg Boots do not count as snow boots, I know from experience last year… You need to find a nice pair of snow/water proof boots with the fur inside that will keep you from slipping on ice and snow.

Kashwere Solid Throw Blanket, Kashwere $155

There is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a big, soft, warm blanket after a long, cold day. I have always been a fan of Kashwere’s products. They also make socks and robes that are equally as comfy.

North Face Etip Gloves, sold here for $45

Having a good pair of gloves is probably the second most important winter essential. A good pair of gloves will make your life 1000 times miserable when it’s 20 degrees outside. And if you are constantly glued to your phone like I am, I definitely suggest investing in a pair of etip gloves, which allow you to use your iPhone without having to take them off.

Pom-Pom Hat Faux Fur, J.Crew $39.50

When the temperatures drop below freezing, I can guarantee you that a hat will make you feel warmer instantly. Last year, every single 20-something girl in the city had on cute Pom-Pom hats, not just to make a statement, but also because you need to wear a hat if you want to survive in the winter. I don’t see the Pom-Pom hat trend dying down anytime soon.

Enjoy the remainder of the fall weather while you can!



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