Bachelorette Recap: Episodes 6 & 7

First off, I want to say, thank god James Taylor and short Alex are GONE. They both were not right for JoJo. Alex’s one-on-one date with Alex was so incredibly cringeworthy that I almost had to change the channel. You could tell during that entire date JoJo was not that into him…..although she did spend a lot of time making out with him, which obviously sent him the wrong message. With no rose on the date, Alex felt confident and comfortable sharing his true feelings with JoJo. However, the moment he uses the “L” word, JoJo looked like she was about to puke. Yikes! She sends him home immediately after because she doesn’t feel the same way as he does. OUCH. As Alex said in a previous episode:

Let’s hope this is the last I have to see of Alex…he’s not even Bachelor in Paradise worthy.

Another great thing about last night’s episode….JAMES TAYLOR GOT ELIMINATED. I honestly never understood what JoJo say in him. His behavior on the show was comparable to the way middle school girls act. He was so insecure…no offense, I’d be insecure if I were him too. It never turns out well for the contestants who spend their alone time talking about some other dude in the house. I’ve been wanting to see him gone for a long time. If only “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” had been playing in the background as James cries in the limo. Poor Derek…. although, that was a pretty clever addition to the show last week. Thanks, producers!

Peace out, JAMES TAYLOR. Bye, Felicia.

Next week will surely be an interesting episode because it is HOMETOWNS! The lucky four guys who get to bring JoJo home are: Jordan, Luke, Robby, and Chase. (WHY is Robby still there again?) Let’s take a closer look at each of these guys.


First off, I will say that Luke has an amazing body and I thought his first one-on-one with JoJo was super adorable, especially when they danced at the Dane+Shay concert. HOWEVER, I think he is kind of creepy and incredibly too passionate/sensitive for my liking. Also, his face is really scary. But who knows, JoJo seems to be into that kind of thing. So far, I think he is very boring and could possibly end up being a psycho/serial killer. He is a war veteran and spent time in Afghanistan, where he witnessed many tragedies. I feel like he might not be emotionally stable enough for a life-time with JoJo. I also feel like he’s going to completely lose it if he does not end up with the final rose. And if he happens to be the next Bachelor, I will boycott the show. Let’s see how his hometown date goes next week!


I don’t really have much to say about Chase. He is very blah to me. He and JoJo had an incredibly awkward one-on-one date with the couples yoga, which was super cringeworthy. I think the only reason she is keeping Chase around is because he is attractive. I was rooting for Chase during his two-on-one with Derek, which he ultimately won. He got to dance with JoJo to “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”, while Derek was crying in the limo ride home. That was kind of cruel, especially considering Derek had confessed his love for JoJo. My guess is that Chase will not make it past hometown dates. Their relationship just has not developed as much as the other guys. He’s way too bland and boring to be the next Bachelor, so I guess we’ll be seeing him on Bachelor in Paradise.


Robby………who? The show must have cut out a lot of his time spent with JoJo because I honestly didn’t even know who he was until 2 episodes ago. He looks like a used car salesman and has the personality of an immature frat boy. Not to mention his hair/beard is disgusting and his style is just AWFUL. Also, apparently Robby had a girlfriend he dumped just before he went on the show. SKETCH. He was the first person to tell JoJo that he loves her, which is probably the only reason he’s still around. This guy is a sketchball and is not even worthy of Bachelor in Paradise. I hope he gets caught on his upcoming hometown date about his ex girlfriend. Looking forward to all the drama and tears. PS. Robby needs to join the 21st century and get rid of those horrible button downs, and spiked highlighted hair. Plus the chest hair is just a no. Moving on…..


I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jordan’s got this one in the bag. From the moment JoJo gave him the first impression rose, there has been an undeniable chemistry between the two of them and it’s pretty obvious that he is her #1 by a long shot. It is definitely possible that Jordan is not a genuine guy and using the show for his own fame. He admitted to JoJo that he and his famous brother, Aaron Rodgers, are not on speaking terms and Aaron will not be meeting JoJo on his hometown date….bummer. Jordan gave JoJo a spiel on his competitiveness with his brother, which is the closest sob story we’re going to get from him. I’m interested to see how this will all play out next week. If only Jordan could be the next Bachelor…. he’s the only one of this group suitable and charismatic enough for the position.

Lastly, I wanted to say goodbye to crying boy Derek and Wells (HOW did he even get this far again??!). We will probably see you both on Bachelor in Paradise, unfortunately. DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA.


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