Bachelor Bonanza

ABC has given us an incredible gift after the Bachelorette season finale…BACHELOR IN PARADISE. Yes folks, we get to enjoy another 2 months of our favorite guilty pleasure reality show TWO nights a week. I have so much to talk about after the explosive season premiere of BIP last night. But first, let me recap the Bachelorette season finale.

And the winner is….


Jordan. Not a surprise at all…. He was the front runner the entire season.  He’s gone from a “Former NFL Player” (barely)… to a Sports commentator for the SEC Network and also JoJo’s fiance. Not surprised he is capitalizing on his new fame to get a real job. And although he claims he is moving to Dallas with JoJo, Jordan will be doing a lot of traveling during football season and back and forth to Charlotte, NC where the SEC Network studios are. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be as big of a phony as he seemed on the show. But I really don’t see this relationship lasting longer than 6 months… sorry JoJo. Also, why did we never hear about the real reason behind he and Aaron Rodgers’s strained relationship. Way too many red flags with this guy. I wish them the best! Hopefully JoJo likes SEC College football.

Who will be the next Bachelor?

Unfortunately, Chris Harrison left us all hanging by not announcing the next Bachelor on After the Final Rose….the ONLY reason I stayed up to watch. My best guess is Luke Pell. I can see a lot of girls wanting to be on a season with Luke as the Bachelor. He is tall, handsome (minus the big crease on his forehead), sensitive, and mysterious. He’s also a southern boy and Iraq war veteran, which the Bachelor series could capitalize on. However, I think it’s strange that they have not made an official announcement yet because usually they start filming days after the finale of the last season. Maybe Luke is having cold feet? Maybe they are considering Chase or someone else? Either way, I don’t think Luke or Chase are charismatic enough to be the next Bachelor. JoJo’s season had a bunch of disappointing, boring bunch of guys, minus Chad. I would not be surprised if Chad gets his own reality tv spinoff, like Ben and Lauren… Let’s hope we will hear an official Bachelor announcement soon!

Update: The new Bachelor is sleazy Nick Viall.

Now, onto the good stuff…

Season 3 of the Bachelor in Paradise premiered last night, and boy oh boy was it a train wreck… Some of our favorite cast members have returned for a “second chance at love”, including: Lace (Ben’s season), The twins (Ben’s season), Amanda (Ben’s season), Jared (Kaitlyn’s season), Carly (Chris’s Season), and most importantly…. Chad. I was also pretty surprised to see Evan on the show. Putting Chad and Evan back together was a possibility for reality TV gold. However, things went sour for Chad on the first night in paradise. After an insanely quick hookup with Lace (“the crazy one” from Ben’s season), I thought Chad and Lace might have been a good fit for each other. However, that ended up not being the case. Chad became so belligerently drunk that he unleashed a crazy side that we never even got to witness on JoJo’s season (equally as entertaining). He said some things I’m sure he didn’t mean to say, which unfortunately were bad enough to send him home. I am really sad to see the Chad bear go so soon. But last night’s episode was so explosive and entertaining that I don’t think we could have handled an entire season of The Chad.


I think we will have one more episode with Chad next week. From the previews, it looks like he throws an epic fit and possibly sends Evan to the emergency room? We shall have to wait and see. I am very excited that the Bachelor in Paradise will be able to fill the void of there no longer being The Bachelorette every Monday. I’m looking forward to all the craziness that this new season will surely bring!

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