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A Few Facts About Me

Princess Kate

Source: If I could switch places for one person for a day....
A Few Facts About Me

Standing under the UGA Arch (because I graduated)!

A Few Facts About Me

Jenn in the City

A Few Facts About Me

Dream Vacation- Croatia

A Few Facts About Me

Tibet 2010

A Few Facts About Me

Galapagos Islands Summer 2008

A Few Facts About Me

NYC Summer 2016

A Few Facts About Me

Paris 2008

Source: With new friends in Paris
A Few Facts About Me

Photoshoot with Owen Wilson for the movie poster for "Drillbit Taylor" in 2007

A Few Facts About Me

UGA football game with my dad

A Few Facts About Me

UGA Football Games are the absolute best

Source: Ain't nothin' finer in the land than a drunk, obnoxious Georgia fan
A Few Facts About Me

John Mayer- man crush #1

Source: Okay, so I know he's a total player...but I am a sucker for musicians and this guy is truly talented and not hard on the eyes either.
A Few Facts About Me

Ryan Reynolds- man crush #2

Source: Sorry Blake Lively, but I am in love with your husband. This is the type of guy I could see myself marrying. All-around good guy with the good looks, the charm, the talent, and the sense of humor.
A Few Facts About Me

Colin Jost- man crush #3

Source: Colin Jost stars on Saturday Night Live and his witty humor and good looks are what makes him so dreamy. I love a man who can make me laugh.
A Few Facts About Me

Blake Lively is flawless

A Few Facts About Me

Brigitte Bardot- another one of my style icons

Source: Timeless beauty, perfect hair and makeup. Love Brigitte Bardot's style.
A Few Facts About Me

Santa Margarita- favorite wine

A Few Facts About Me

Cancun Spring Break trip with some of my friends

A Few Facts About Me

Summer 2016 in East Hamptons with friends

Source: Got the chance to stay at this AMAZING house in East Hamptons last summer. Also, was on a reality TV show.... pretty cool.
A Few Facts About Me

Central Park

Source: A place I love to go that always brings me peace.

All-time favorite movies:

Midnight in Paris, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When Harry Met Sally, Wedding Crashers

If I could be anyone in the world for a day:

Kate Middelton

Princess Kate Middleton

Where I Went to College:

University of Georgia… Go Dawgs!

Will be attending in Fall 2017: The New School

Major in College:

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Fashion Merchandising, Certificate in New Media Studies

Favorite memory from College:

Saturdays in Athens (FOOTBALL)

My dad and me at a UGA football game for Chi Omega Parents weekend. Fall 2013

Song that ALWAYS makes me happy:

“Semi-Charmed Life” -Third Eye Blind

Favorite song of the moment:

“CANT STOP THE FEELING” – Justin Timberlake

Words of Wisdom:

“Wherever you are, be all there.”

Super Cool fact about me:

I once had an impromptu photoshoot with Owen Wilson (I’ve got the picture to prove it!)

Jenn in photoshoot with Owen Wilson for his movie “Drillbit Taylor” in summer 2007

What I do to de-stress:

SoulCycle, running at Equinox, walks around Central Park, calling a friend to talk

Favorite things to do on a Saturday:

Sleep in, brunch with friends, doing something active outside or exploring the city…..and in the fall, watching college football

UGA Football Games are the absolute best

Celebrity Crush(es):

Ryan Reynolds, John Mayer, Colin Jost (SNL)

John Mayer- man crush #1
Ryan Reynolds- man crush #2
Colin Jost- man crush #3

Favorite Season:


Dating Turn-Ons:

Sense of humor, nice smile, spontaneous, accomplished, confident but not cocky, good listener, college football fan (extra points for Georgia fans), athletic, go-getter

Dating Turn-Offs:

Bad texting, cheap date, insecure, not trustworthy, nonathletic, poor listener, zero personality with bad sense of humor, immature

Where I’ve Lived:

Durham, NC; Virginia Beach, VA; Paris, France; Athens, GA; New York, NY

Jenn in Paris 2008

My Personality Type:

I was a Psych major, remember? ENFP or INFP (I’m an ambivert- half introvert, half extrovert)

Introvert or Extrovert:

Both, depending on the situation

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Thing about myself:

My intuition/gut-feeling 

Least Favorite Thing about myself:

Insecurities and avoidance tendencies

Go-to order at Starbucks:

Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha, non-fat, no whip, extra shot of espresso

Nervous Habits:

I pick my nails sometimes. I also avoid situations that are stressful to me.

What I hope to be in 10 years:

Happy and accomplished

If I could do any job in the world, it would be:

Political Commentator for MSNBC

Style Icons:

Sienna Miller, Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively

Blake Lively always looks flawless

Something you may not know about me:

 I’ve traveled all around the world! Just to name a few: Galapagos Islands in Equador, hiking up the Himalayas in Tibet, walked around the Great Wall of China in Beijing, channeled my inner Grace Kelly in Monaco and the South of France, ate some of the most incredible food in Florence and Tuscany.

Galapagos Islands Trip in Summer of 2008
Tibet 2010
Cancun Spring Break trip with some of my friends

Favorite Alcoholic Drink:

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

As stated by Drake

Least favorite drink:

Anything with whiskey

Place I want to travel to next:

Dubrovnik, Croatia aka, Kings Landing (where Game of Thrones is filmed)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bravest thing I’ve done (so far):

Moving to NYC to pursue my dream of working in Digital Media and Marketing

Jenn in the City

My biggest accomplishment (so far):

Graduating from University of Georgia (a top 25 public school in the nation) and finally getting to walk under the Arch! 

Oh, and also getting into grad school. Will be attending The New School to get my Master’s degree in the fall of 2017.

Jenn after graduating from the University of Georgia

Hope everyone has gotten to know a little more about me from this post 🙂




Jenn Lee

Web Designer, Digital Media Specialist

Graduate Student👩‍💻 | Digital Media Specialist | Georgia Bulldog Alum 🐾

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