A Few Thoughts on Grief

This week, I am mourning the loss of a good friend of mine who passed away tragically and far too soon. This wonderful man was the boyfriend of one of my closest friends for two years, and I know she is hurting even more than I can imagine- along with his closest friends and family members who loved him. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of a week, but some words of wisdom from friends and Pinterest have been helpful to me to ease a little bit of the pain of his loss.

RIP Nick

The ultimate truth is that it’s a beautiful thing to grieve for someone that is gone. It’s a privilege to be able to feel so deeply and love so strongly. And part of that privilege means that for every ounce of care and thought and love you put into someone, you’ll get the reflection of that once they pass.

Tom Petty quote
Scribbles & Crumbs

That is about all I can muster up to write at the moment. I just wanted to share some thoughts for anyone else who may be grieving. Might add onto this post later. Hope everyone is well.



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