Bachelorette Recap: Eric, Peter, and The Matching Watches

The Bachelorette Fantasy Suite Episode

During last night’s episode of The Bachelorette featured a combination of the final three contestants meeting Rachel’s family in Dallas and the fantasy suite overnight dates in Spain. Rachel Lindsay finally gets her turn to endure in the epicness of The Bachelorette Fantasy Suite Episode. However, we were cut short with a “To Be Continued” during Peter’s fantasy suite date after a heated discussion between the two about their separate opinions on engagement.

Peter and Rachel do not have the same opinion on how an engagement works.

The First Hour

The first hour of the episode was dedicated to Rachel’s hometown visits where Peter, Eric, and Bryan individually met Rachel’s family in Dallas. Peter was the first guy to meet the family- sans Rachel’s father for an unknown reason. I found the majority of Peter’s hometown visit with Rachel’s family to be awkward, especially when Peter did not ask Rachel’s mother for permission to propose at the end of the show. However, Rachel’s family seemed to like Peter and his realistic honesty about an engagement after only knowing each other for two months. He flat out told Rachel’s mom that if he were to be the winner of the show, he would not be proposing to her daughter. *GASP* I feel that might be major a factor in his chances of becoming the next Bachelor. But hey, at least he was honest? Peter has told Rachel he is “falling in love” with her though. I think he might be too hipster for the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette rules and clearly does not enjoy being around Rachel’s other boyfriends.

Boy Drama- Peter and Bryan are Super Awkward

Peter and Bryan clearly do not like each other.

Next up was Eric’s hometown visit with Rachel’s family. I’m honestly still shocked that Eric has made it this far in the game. He was visibly nervous to meet her family and got some shade from Rachel’s lookalike sister on whether or not he is ready to settle down. Overall, Eric seemed to get along well with the family and received approval from Rachel’s mom when he asked permission to propose to Rachel- too bad that he probably will not make it that far. Maybe Eric will be a contender for the next Bachelor? Who knows. I think he’s a sweet guy and I like him better every week but he stands no chance against Bryan.

Matching Watches for the Frontrunner

Bryan and Rachel wearing their matching watches

Bryan was the final guy to meet with Rachel’s family. But before their send-off, Rachel and Bryan met with the other guys both wearing their matching watches that they bought together in a previous episode. Both Eric and Peter are aware that Bryan is the front-runner and the fact that they both wore their matching watches before Bryan’s date was not a pleasant sight. Rachel gave Bryan the most special treatment of the hometown dates by introducing him to her best friends, who met neither Peter nor Eric. Rachel’s friends seemed to like Bryan and saw how gaga she is over him. Unfortunately, Bryan’s time with Rachel’s family did not go as well.

Bachelorette Mama Drama for Bryan

Rachel’s mom is not having it with Bryan

Rachel’s family appeared to be skeptical of Bryan and did not like how he admitted to falling in love with her after only two dates. He was trying way too hard to win the family over by expressing his love of their daughter. Rachel was disappointed that her family did not seem to like Bryan as much as the other two men. Despite the awkward tension, Rachel’s mom ended up giving Bryan permission to marry her daughter when he asked. I enjoyed watching Rachel’s sister’s expressions during their meeting with Bryan because she can totally see right through him.

The Second Hour

Eric finally tells Rachel, “I love you.”

During the second part of the show, we got to see Eric Bigger and Rachel’s fantasy suite overnight date in gorgeous Spain. Eric and Rachel looked super cute together during this entire date. Before this date, Eric had not officially told Rachel that he was in love with her. Eric actually had never told a woman he is in love with them. But during their romantic dinner date, Eric finally opens up to Rachel and tells her what she has been wanting to hear- “I love you.” Rachel and Eric then proceed on to the fantasy suite.

Fantasy Suite Success for Eric and Rachel

Drama with Peter

The Bachelorette episode last night came to an awkward end midway through Peter Kraus and Rachel’s fantasy suite date, which started off well. The pair went to a gorgeous vineyard in Spain before the dreaded confrontation over Peter’s discussion with Rachel’s mom had to happen.

Cute couple enjoying their date at a vineyard in Spain

Unfortunately, the picturesque and romantic date gets heated just before Peter and Rachel have the opportunity to get to the fantasy suite. The two disagree on the definition of being engaged. Peter has made it clear that he will not be bending down on one knee and propose if he is the winner at the end of all this.

Rachel and Peter…Over For Good?

Maybe he’s just not that into you?

This news is devastating to Rachel because she came onto the show for a HUSBAND, not a boyfriend. She tries to explain that being on the show is a different circumstance and that an engagement would not mean that they immediately get married. For example, Kaitlyn- the Bachelorette from two seasons ago is still engaged to Shawn after two years and have yet to marry. Peter does not agree with Rachel and says that he plans on proposing to someone only once and that is when he is absolutely certain that the proposal will lead to a marriage that will workout. Rachel cries while Peter awkwardly tries to comfort her. Then the show ends with….

To Be Continued…

Until next week…

We will not know the fate of Rachel and Peter’s relationship for two weeks because next week’s episode is “The Men Tell All”, which I hope will be entertaining. Dean will be back, which makes me very happy.



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