Media Design Final Production- Pills

PILLS is a short film detailing the overdose of a young woman who was the victim of sexual assault. The assignment was to present- in multiple forms of media- a crisis. My group decided to focus on the opioid epidemic, as well as focusing on other horrific events such as rape, sexual assault, suicide, overdose. These issues a detriment to society and to myself, personally. I recently lost a friend to an addiction problem, which is why I wanted to choose this topic to focus our presentation on.
Inspired by the death of my late friend Nicholas Gates and many others who have lost their lives to suicide, addiction, abuse, and depression, this film aims to present the “why?”  Why are so many young people are leaving us these days? Why are so many using drugs to cope? Why are so many depressed and looking through eyes with no hope? These are questions answered in this film.
The edits combined with the collected footage aim to guide the viewer in piecing together the many emotions and thought the process of a young woman as she tells her story. She is unnamed because like so many victims of suicide, abuse, and depression we often never know until it’s too late. As a group, we chose black and white to illustrate the seriousness of this story while and added in sound effects to create an experience that many go through, but few ever see.
Enjoy PILLS.
Jenn Lee

Web Designer, Digital Media Specialist

Graduate Student👩‍💻 | Digital Media Specialist | Georgia Bulldog Alum 🐾

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