The Bachelorette Episode 4 Recap

This past Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette was thoroughly entertaining, as well as irritating at times.

Episode 4

The episode started back at the rose ceremony from two weeks ago, where there had been some drama with Kenny and Lee. Lee- the season’s villain- was being obnoxious and came in twice during Kenny’s one-on-one time with Rachel to interrupt for no reason other than to just be an asshole. Lee tattles on Kenny to Rachel, who he claims was being overly aggressive when Kenny confronted him for interrupting his one-on-one time TWICE- for the record, Kenny was not aggressive. He approached the topic with Lee in a mature manner, even though most would probably try to smack Lee in his self-righteous, racist face. It has come to the attention of several of the other contestants that Lee tends to only pick on the guys who are not of the same race as him. And, as I am sure we will find out in upcoming episodes, Lee is in fact a racist and a liar. Rachel chooses to give roses to Kenny and Lee- totally a producer move- to insure drama for the upcoming episodes. PS. Lee will never be Chad. Stop trying to make Lee happen. Chad will always be the #1 villain. Love you, Chad!




After a “dramatic” rose ceremony, the crew all travels to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for some fun in the sun. Dean gets chosen for the first one-on-one date. Dean and Rachel get to ride on a blimp for their date, where Dean is incredibly nervous about riding on the blimp, which I totally don’t blame him for. Rachel talks him down and helps him feel more comfortable while on the blimp. She kind of almost babies him like a child, which I feel is usually supposed to be the man’s job to do. However, Rachel is an unconventional Bachelorette (which I love) and does everything her own way. Good for her! After the blimp ride, Dean opens up and shares an incredibly sad story about his past- his mother died of cancer when he was very young. Despite having such a sad loss at such a young age, Dean carries himself very well and comes off as super optimistic and happy-go-lucky, which is a huge turn-on for Rachel. Rachel gives Dean the rose and they are then taken to yet another surprise concert by an unknown country singer. They kiss and dance the night away.

I think Dean is adorable and it is clear that Rachel has a big thing for him. I think Dean is precious and sweet but I agree with some of the other contestants that he is a bit young and possibly too immature for Rachel. Dean is 25 (aka my age), while Rachel is 32. However, age does not seem to mean anything to Rachel because she gave Dean the rose and continues to show a huge admiration for him. I can definitely see him making it to the final three. I do not think he is future Bachelor material though. Even though he is super sweet and his instagram name is Deanie Babies. (adorable).


After Dean and Rachel’s romantic blimp date, we get to have the real treat of this week’s episode- the group date! The group date starts out with a fun booze cruise through Hilton Head Island where the guys face off and try to one-up each other for Rachel’s attention. This includes a push-up contest, dance-off, and rap-off between Kenny and Peter. You can tell Rachel is loving all the attention the men are giving her and how much effort is being put in to impress her. What the men don’t know is what is coming up next…..

The men are then escorted off the boat where they are greeted by an audience full of rich, snobby looking Hilton Head Islanders and Chris Harrison. They are told they will be competing in a spelling bee, which is not what many of the contestants wanted to hear. Rachel says she wants to test the men on their cerebral skills and what better way to do that than a spelling bee! In the end, Josiah is the winner of the spelling bee. But here are some video highlights of the whole event.


All in all, it was a funny episode. Here are my front-runners:


Here are the boys that have GOT to go…..


And these are the guys I feel so-so about:


Looking forward to next week’s two-day Bachelorette extravaganza. I really hope Kenny doesn’t do something to jeopardize his shot with Rachel- like punching Lee- even though I think I totally would. I hope that Iggy goes home because he is awful. And I hope that the Tickle Monster gets some more one-on-one time with Rachel because I low-key kind of think he’s funny and cute. Ps. Bachelor in Paradise is BACK ON!

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