My Thoughts On Last Night’s Episode of The Bachelorette

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette featured the notorious Hometown Visits, where Rachel gets to visit and meet with the families of the final four contestants. It is crystal clear at this point who Rachel is going to pick in the end- Bryan. YUCK.

Hometown Dates

Bryan comes off as such a phony to me and his mom was legitimately terrifying. I would NOT want to marry into that family with such a scary and overprotective mom. Of course, Bryan received a rose at the rose ceremony, which means he will move on to the hotel suite overnight date next week.

Bryan’s Mom

Eric’s hometown date made me like him a lot more. He had a very sweet family, who also appeared to be the most normal and loving of Rachel. Eric even tried his hardest to express that he is in love with Rachel- despite never having said that to a woman before. Eric was picked at the rose ceremony as well.

After Peter’s hometown visit, it has never been more clear to me that Peter is just not that into Rachel. His family was cold towards her and he even said in his own words that he is not sure if he is ready to bend down on one knee and propose at the end of this, which is a smart and practical way of thinking. However, Rachel wants a HUSBAND. She is super attracted to Peter and I do think Peter likes her but I also think that Peter sees how much stronger of a connection she has with Bryan and just doesn’t want to get his poor little heart broken. I was a total advocate of Peter for the next Bachelor until this week’s episode. He is a commitment-phobe, which never makes for good reality TV or the next Bachelor.

Now, onto the most heartbreaking part of last night’s episode. Dean. I’ve got something to say to Rachel:

How I feel about Rachel sending precious Dean home

How dare you, Rachel. You *the producers” put Dean in an incredibly awkward position where he was going to have to showcase his dysfunctional family to the world. Dean’s mother tragically passed away of cancer when he was a young boy and it appears that his family has never fully recovered from the tragedy. Dean’s father has converted to Sikhism and has since changed his name from Chip Unglert to Paramroop S. Khahsha. Dean and his father do not have a good relationship and the hometown date got so heated that at one point, Dean’s father had to tell the producers to stop filming. This must have been such an incredibly tense moment for all the people involved- especially Dean. Rachel comforted him and even told him SHE WAS FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM. So, I was thinking he would for sure be getting to the next round….but…..NOPE.

Dean and Rachel enjoying themselves before he gets the axe

Rachel ultimately chooses to send Dean home during the rose ceremony- after all they had just been through on his hometown date. Of course, Dean took it like a gentleman- don’t worry boo, you can do MUCH better. I’m all for Dean being the next Bachelor. I understand that he and Rachel may not have been right for each other. He is 25 years old, while she is 32. And even if Rachel did mean what she said, “I’m falling in love with you”, she knew it was better to send Dean home now before anymore heartbreak, because she knows who she is going to pick in the end, and always has known. I love Dean and I think he is such a strong, courageous, and mature guy. I think he is ready to find love, so Chris Harrison- MAKE DEAN THE NEXT BACHELOR. Oh, and also, go follow Dean on Instagram and Twitter ASAP.



PS. I love you Dean ♥

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