The Bachelorette’s Final Four

After, quite frankly, a pretty boring season of The Bachelorette, we have finally come down to the remaining four men, who will all be bringing Rachel to each of their hometowns next week. I believe the reason this season of The Bachelorette has not been as drama-packed as usual is because Rachel has known who she has wanted to choose from the very first rose ceremony.


Rachel has been very strategic in her moves on the show because of this. She has sent home so many of the men who were great guys and who she had built connections with throughout the show. However, in effort to not pull the same mistake Ben Higgins made- falling in love with the final two contestants- Rachel has played it safe and her final six picks are quite telling. She kept around two men who I honestly did not know or see once during the season. And I honestly felt really bad for the two guys, (still don’t know their names), because they had to have known they were only kept along to make the remaining rose ceremonies not so emotional. The final four guys are Bryan, Eric, Dean, and Peter. 

Bryan, Rachel's front-runner.

Rachel has sent home some of the most stand-up guys over the last few episodes: Kenny, Alex, Will, and even the Tickle Monster. She also sent home Anthony, who I felt was initially a front-runner, and was one of the first one-on-one dates. It was sad to see all of those good guys go home. But ultimately, Rachel knows who it is that she wants to pick. I do not think it will be Dean or Eric- two of the men in the final four. Dean is sweet but he is also only 25 years old and seems too young to be married to such an independent woman like Rachel. Eric is ummmm….why is Eric still here again? I guess she sees some decent qualities in him but I still can’t get over how he couldn’t spell facade in the spelling bee. She claims she wants to be with someone who is “intelligent”. Which leaves me to believe that she is going to pick either Peter and Bryan- my intuition tells me that she will end up with Bryan. Which could mean Peter being the next Bachelor…and that might get me applying to be on the show- Peter is my #1 and I think he is so dang attractive. ♥

Peter is a babe.

So, until next week…which I am looking forward to mostly because I am so confused about Dean’s dad. The preview for next week’s episode showed a very strange scene at Dean’s hometown date, which I hope will bring some drama that the season has been lacking. 

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