“The Men Tell All” from Rachel Lindsay’s Season

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette featured “The Men Tell All”, where all the rejected contestants are reunited and get the chance to roast each other for two-hours in front of an audience. They also get a short time to be reunited with Rachel- the woman who broke their hearts- and confront her for dumping them on TV.  However, the majority of the episode was focused on the contestants confronting Lee after his insensitive tweets were exposed to the world.

The Men Tell All

Lee was known for being this season’s villain, most notably for his ongoing feud with Kenny. However, it was unknown during filming that Lee had a history of tweeting racist and misogynistic statements on his twitter account. The tweets that Lee wrote over a year ago were troubling and insensitive, especially considering the 15-year long show featured its first ever African American bachelorette. Therefore, a large portion of the episode was dedicated to addressing the controversy over Lee’s tweets and having the contestants call him out for his ignorance. It was an uncomfortable event to watch and put a damper on the usually fun and good-humored nature of the reunion show.

DeMario returned and expressed anger over Lee’s tweets

Lee ultimately denounced the tweets and admitted to the guys that he is ready to educate himself more on the topic of race and is ready to change. He was apologetic and clearly very tense during the whole confrontation. Chris Harrison even thanked him for coming on the show, despite knowing he would be facing intense backlash about his insensitive remarks on twitter.

Lee denounces his insensitive tweets in front of the audience and the cast members

Thankfully, I got the chance to see some of my favorite rejected contestants: Dean, Kenny, Tickle Monster, and Alex- who all looked very dapper in their jazzed up suits. Dean was obviously the fan favorite and proved himself, once again, to be a worthy contender for the next Bachelor. Dean notably defended Kenny- who was also a fan favorite- and praised him for being the most well-liked guy in the house.

Dean showing love for Kenny, who he admitted was the most well-liked guy in the house.

Kenny received a lot of cheers from the crowd throughout the night, which he totally deserved. It was a shame to see Kenny eliminated from the show so early on because he and Rachel did have a strong connection. Unfortunately, the drama with Lee, along with Kenny having a young daughter back home ultimately is what got him sent home. Chris Harrison brought Kenny’s super cute daughter on the show as a surprise and gifted them with a trip to Disneyland, which was really adorable to watch. I hope to see more of Kenny in the future. He is a good man and definitely did not deserve to be put through the petty feud with Lee, who he nicknamed “Snake”.

Kenny, McKenzie, and Chris Harrison

I haven’t even gotten to address the other controversial contestant who made a return last night- DeMario. Although he caused controversy on this season of The Bachelorette when it was discovered he had a “girlfriend” early on in the season, he has since become better known for the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, which almost resulted in the show’s cancellation. (DeMario’s involvement in the BIP scandal was not addressed on last night’s show.) DeMario attempted to defend himself by claiming the alleged girlfriend, who made an appearance on an earlier episode to confront DeMario, was nothing but a “side-chick”. Probably not the best PR move if he is trying to clean up his tainted reputation.

THE BACHELORETTE – Rachel Lindsay, looking absolutely stunning.

Lastly, Rachel Lindsay made an appearance on the episode where she had to face all the men she had rejected for the first time. She got the chance to call out Lee for his tweets and answer some tough questions from some of the guys who had their hearts broken by her. Dean got the chance to sit down next to her and express his thoughts on his elimination from the show. He asked her why she told him that she was falling in love with him right before sending him home, which she stands by, saying “I meant it”. I’m still not over that elimination- which I have to say….

Rachel made a BIG mistake eliminating Dean

So, now we must wait until next week’s “dramatic” 3-hour finale of this season to find out who Rachel picks: Eric, Peter, or Bryan. Looking forward to next week even though I already am pretty sure I know who she is going to pick….meh.

PS. I love you Tickle.



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